Best Nesting Dolls You Didn’t Know Existed

Russian nesting dolls is one of the main associations with Russia for foreigners. Themes for the painting of Russian nesting dolls in our time are infinitely varied – they depict animals, birds, fairy tale characters, action figures, politicians and other intricate patterns and plots. Russian nesting dolls are loved not only in our country; such a souvenir is of great interest among foreigners! Do you know what the largest nesting doll is yet? Do you want to know more? Then follow the following information.

The Right Dolls for the Occasion

Of all the folk toys Russian nesting dolls is the youngest. In Russia, it appeared only at the end of the 19th century, and Japanese figurines of the god Fukurum became its prototype. The word “Matron” in Latin means “noble lady, mother of the family.” This doll with a secret: in the big nesting dolls there is a smaller doll, in it there is another smaller one, and so on. This doll quickly gained wide popularity and nationwide love. The rapid popularity of the new toy could not leave indifferent the inhabitants of many regions of Russia; it began to spread everywhere, where wooden crafts were in use.

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The 1970 Art Exhibition

At the All-Union Exhibition of Decorative and Applied Art, which was held in 1970, a 72-doll nesting dolls doll was exhibited, and it was slightly over one meter in height, and about half a meter in diameter. It is easy to determine the height of any doll, as well as the thickness of its walls. The shells of these figures shone through, and the thickness was no more than half a millimeter. Such fine work can be done only from soft woods. Basically it is linden, less often alder or birch. To avoid cracking the material must be well dried. And one more surprising detail: the figures start to sharpen with the smallest doll, with each subsequent size increases.

The Door to the Nesting Dolls for You

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Russian nesting dolls are probably the most popular Russian national souvenir. She gained wide fame far abroad. All the major exhibitions, fairs, festivals held in different parts of the world were visited by funny funny dolls, enchanting the audience with their unique Russian look.


And it seems that the nesting dolls came to us from hoary antiquity, from the world of legends and fairy tales. In fact, this wooden doll is “only” about a hundred years old. There are many versions (versions), how and when she was born, but it is known (for certain) that the prototype of it was served by brightly painted Easter eggs (Easter eggs), which have long been turned (turned out on a lathe) and painted by the Russians masters. They were hollow (hollow) inside; less was placed inside a larger one. A similar toy was in Japan, it portrayed a good-natured gray-eyed (gray-whiskered) old man Darum and consisted of five figures, inserted one into another.

The Legends Talk

Once, as one of the legends says, the famous Russian artist Sergey Malyutin was holding a Russian painted egg and a Japanese toy. These two different toys, made in different parts of the Earth, led him to an interesting idea. He quickly sketched a funny doll on paper, then more and more. At the request of the artist, turner V. Zvezdochkin carved (had turned out (on a lathe)) a tree form, and Sergei Malyutin painted it. So a girl in a Russian sundress was born: in a headscarf, with a black rooster in her hands. There were seven more figures hiding in it, a little smaller (one smaller then ofter), the last, the eighth, represented a swaddled baby. Someone, having seen her, exclaimed in admiration: “Well, directly Matryona!” So the girl was called Matryona, or lovingly, affectionately – Nesting dolls, Matryoshechka. Later, the ditties were put about her, for example:

Girlfriends walked along the path

Another legend that you might not heard yet is Mexico’s Infamous Island of Dolls. Just south of Mexico City, between the canals of Xochimico you can find a small island with a sad background which never intended to be a tourist destination. The island is known as Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dolls).

There were a few of them (few):

Nesting dollss are made from hardwood, birch or linden. The wizard chooses the material for the doll (looking in choice), looks for one that doesn’t have a bitch (no knots), no cracks (no cracks), and only after making sure of the quality of the blank ((piece of) rough wood), to work. First, the smallest doll is sharpening; sometimes it is very tiny, less nail, then more, more. Sometimes the number of such dolls goes beyond fifty.

  • Then the nesting dolls gets to the artist, who dresses her in a bright sundress, ties a scarf on her head, and decorates with flowers.
  • The first nesting dolls appeared in Abramtsevo, not far from Moscow at the end of the last century. And since then these funny pupae have fled across Russia.

First, the nesting dolls came to SergievPosad (now the city of Zagorsk). Manor Abramtsevo very close. Here, the Russian beauty is painted with gouache, the pattern is simple, the tones are soft, very similar to the nesting dolls doll created by Malyutin. Sometimes drawing is burned, and then tinted watercolor. Russian knights in helmets and with spears are also made here.

Much later, the nesting dolls came to the Volga region, in the Nizhny Novgorod region. In the city of Semenov the doll is dressed in a red sundress, in a white apron, tied on its headyellow scarf with a floral border, give a lush bouquet in hand. On her cheeks she has a bright blush ((high) color).

Polkhovskie nesting dolls slimmer (are more graceful) of their girlfriends from other edges. In the village of PolkhovskyMaidan, nesting dollss are made by whole families. Behind the lathe is usually the head of the family (head of the family), and his wife and older children paint their nesting dollss with bright aniline paints, decorating the dress with large flowers, red, white, yellow.

Mordovskaya nesting dolls-erzianochka dressed in a typical national costume with a high hat and rows of beads around the neck.

  • They make their nesting dolls in Lipetsk and Voronezh, Kirov and Bashkiria, and each of them has its own peculiarity, its own characteristic, which makes the sisters different from each other.
  • Nesting dolls received her first diploma in 1900 at the International Exhibition in Paris. Since then, she has repeatedly received prizes and gold medals in Brussels, Montreal, Toronto, and in Tokyo, the seventy-unit Semenov nesting dolls was shown in one meter.

In Zagorsk, in the Toy Museum, a unique collection of toys from different eras and nations is collected. And of course, there is a whole kingdom of nesting dolls naughty girls, funny harmonists, gray-bearded boyars, and beautiful brides.