Best Nesting Dolls You Didn’t Know Existed

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Russian nesting dolls is one of the main associations with Russia for foreigners. Themes for the painting of Russian nesting dolls in our time are infinitely varied – they depict animals, birds, fairy tale characters, action figures, politicians and other intricate patterns and plots. Russian nesting dolls are loved not only in our country; such a souvenir is of great interest among foreigners! Do you know what the largest nesting doll is yet? Do you want to know more? Then follow the following information.

The Right Dolls for the Occasion

Of all the folk toys Russian nesting dolls is the youngest. In Russia, it appeared only at the end of the 19th century, and Japanese figurines of the god Fukurum became its prototype. The word “Matron” in Latin means “noble lady, mother of the family.” This doll with a secret: in the big nesting dolls there is a smaller doll, in it there is another smaller one, and so on. This doll quickly gained wide popularity and nationwide love. The rapid popularity of the new toy could not leave indifferent the inhabitants of many regions of Russia; it began to spread everywhere, where wooden crafts were in use.

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The 1970 Art Exhibition

At the All-Union Exhibition of Decorative and Applied Art, which was held in 1970, a 72-doll nesting dolls doll was exhibited, and it was slightly over one meter in height, and about half a meter in diameter. It is easy to determine the height of any doll, as well as the thickness of its walls. The shells of these figures shone through, and the thickness was no more than half a millimeter. Such fine work can be done only from soft woods. Basically it is linden, less often alder or birch. To avoid cracking the material must be well dried. And one more surprising detail: the figures start to sharpen with the smallest doll, with each subsequent size increases.

The Door to the Nesting Dolls for You

If you were looking for where to buy nesting dolls, as well as in any other city, then you came to the address. These dolls will be an excellent educational toy for your child or an original gift in the form of a Russian folk souvenir. Russian nesting dolls have long been the preferred gift for any foreigner.

Now you can buy a nested doll is not a problem at all. The shopkeepers have collected a lot of unique products, among which you will surely find what you like! A doll that you can buy from the online shops will delight you with its beauty, refinement and originality. Here you can find a souvenir for every taste and color there will be both ordinary 3-puppet and unique 25-puppet toys with different types of painting. You can buy any doll you like in one click on this site, as well as by calling or writing to an email.

Russian nesting dolls are probably the most popular Russian national souvenir. She gained wide fame far abroad. All the major exhibitions, fairs, festivals held in different parts of the world were visited by funny funny dolls, enchanting the audience with their unique Russian look.


And it seems that the nesting dolls came to us from hoary antiquity, from the world of legends and fairy tales. In fact, this wooden doll is “only” about a hundred years old. There are many versions (versions), how and when she was born, but it is known (for certain) that the prototype of it was served by brightly painted Easter eggs (Easter eggs), which have long been turned (turned out on a lathe) and painted by the Russians masters. They were hollow (hollow) inside; less was placed inside a larger one. A similar toy was in Japan, it portrayed a good-natured gray-eyed (gray-whiskered) old man Darum and consisted of five figures, inserted one into another.

The Legends Talk

Once, as one of the legends says, the famous Russian artist Sergey Malyutin was holding a Russian painted egg and a Japanese toy. These two different toys, made in different parts of the Earth, led him to an interesting idea. He quickly sketched a funny doll on paper, then more and more. At the request of the artist, turner V. Zvezdochkin carved (had turned out (on a lathe)) a tree form, and Sergei Malyutin painted it. So a girl in a Russian sundress was born: in a headscarf, with a black rooster in her hands. There were seven more figures hiding in it, a little smaller (one smaller then ofter), the last, the eighth, represented a swaddled baby. Someone, having seen her, exclaimed in admiration: “Well, directly Matryona!” So the girl was called Matryona, or lovingly, affectionately – Nesting dolls, Matryoshechka. Later, the ditties were put about her, for example:

Girlfriends walked along the path

Another legend that you might not heard yet is Mexico’s Infamous Island of Dolls. Just south of Mexico City, between the canals of Xochimico you can find a small island with a sad background which never intended to be a tourist destination. The island is known as Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dolls).

There were a few of them (few):

Nesting dollss are made from hardwood, birch or linden. The wizard chooses the material for the doll (looking in choice), looks for one that doesn’t have a bitch (no knots), no cracks (no cracks), and only after making sure of the quality of the blank ((piece of) rough wood), to work. First, the smallest doll is sharpening; sometimes it is very tiny, less nail, then more, more. Sometimes the number of such dolls goes beyond fifty.

  • Then the nesting dolls gets to the artist, who dresses her in a bright sundress, ties a scarf on her head, and decorates with flowers.
  • The first nesting dolls appeared in Abramtsevo, not far from Moscow at the end of the last century. And since then these funny pupae have fled across Russia.

First, the nesting dolls came to SergievPosad (now the city of Zagorsk). Manor Abramtsevo very close. Here, the Russian beauty is painted with gouache, the pattern is simple, the tones are soft, very similar to the nesting dolls doll created by Malyutin. Sometimes drawing is burned, and then tinted watercolor. Russian knights in helmets and with spears are also made here.

Much later, the nesting dolls came to the Volga region, in the Nizhny Novgorod region. In the city of Semenov the doll is dressed in a red sundress, in a white apron, tied on its headyellow scarf with a floral border, give a lush bouquet in hand. On her cheeks she has a bright blush ((high) color).

Polkhovskie nesting dolls slimmer (are more graceful) of their girlfriends from other edges. In the village of PolkhovskyMaidan, nesting dollss are made by whole families. Behind the lathe is usually the head of the family (head of the family), and his wife and older children paint their nesting dollss with bright aniline paints, decorating the dress with large flowers, red, white, yellow.

Mordovskaya nesting dolls-erzianochka dressed in a typical national costume with a high hat and rows of beads around the neck.

  • They make their nesting dolls in Lipetsk and Voronezh, Kirov and Bashkiria, and each of them has its own peculiarity, its own characteristic, which makes the sisters different from each other.
  • Nesting dolls received her first diploma in 1900 at the International Exhibition in Paris. Since then, she has repeatedly received prizes and gold medals in Brussels, Montreal, Toronto, and in Tokyo, the seventy-unit Semenov nesting dolls was shown in one meter.

In Zagorsk, in the Toy Museum, a unique collection of toys from different eras and nations is collected. And of course, there is a whole kingdom of nesting dolls naughty girls, funny harmonists, gray-bearded boyars, and beautiful brides.


Unique Onesies That Will Make You Standout In Your Next Party

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Lately, pajama parties have become very popular. They are held not only at home, but also in the most famous clubs in America. At such parties is required dress code: pajamas, slippers and accessories for sleeping. If on the street you met a company in pajamas, fighting with pillows, without panic. Most likely, somewhere in your area is a noisy pajama party. So, Onesie is just created for such cases. Today, you can flaunt in soft and warm pajamas not only at home, but also people. Particularly relevant are Onesie in the family look style, that is, the same pajamas for a boy and a girl.

Another reason to wear Onesie is Halloween. No need to bother with a suit, invent makeup and hair. You put on a Onesie, put on a hood, and here you are already a finished character. The image of Hello Kitty or Stitch from famous cartoons will not leave you unnoticed. Do not be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

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Pajama Party in Onesie

Even the most avid fashionista sometimes wants to take a break from fashionable things in a relaxed atmosphere with family or close friends for example, to hold a pajama party, but not just a pajama, but a party in Onesie. Onesie is cozy and comfortable. This is more than just Japanese pajamas, stylized as animal costumes. Onesie comes from a combination of two Japanese words: kiru (“carry”) and nuigurumi (“soft toy”). In Japan, Onesie suits are worn as a way to break the conventions of traditional clothing or as comfortable pajamas.

The shape of the Kigirumi resembles a loose-fitting suit that hides all the flaws of the figure, which does not hinder your movements at all, which makes it an excellent choice for a lazy Sunday, away from business suits and office dress codes, which you must comply with during the entire working week. Onesie provides instant comfort and warmth. Looks like a walk in a wrapped blanket.

Most Onesie are made of high quality soft polyester fleece. Fabric keeps warm well, so in such pajamas you will be comfortable even in harsh winter. Along with fleece there are Onesie lighter and thinner, which makes them ideal for warmer weather and dance parties! They are made from a towel-like material that is slightly rougher than fleece material, but still comfortable.

The cuffs on the arms and legs are elastic enough to make you comfortable in them. Most models come with a hood that resembles an animal’s face. Some of the Onesie have pockets. Fasteners along the body are represented by any buttons, any zipper. In my opinion, zipper is more comfortable to wear, it is easier to unbutton or fasten. In spite of their cartoon look, they are intended for Onesie for both children and adults. Quality made Onesie can be easily washed in a washing machine, without fear that they will lose their appearance.

Onesie is fun and exciting. The huge variety and intricate details of the design make it a multifunctional outfit, which serves as street clothes, sleep and even ideal for long-distance flights. There’s no question that these attractive onesies will make  you standout from the crowd.

Don’t you have a Onesie yet? Are you still shy? Then know that most celebrities do not bypass this seemingly childish thing. Bring a piece of joy to our dull everyday life, give pleasure to your family and friends, pamper your child, and buy yourself a Onesie.

Initially, Onesie are costumes for life-size puppets representing popular cartoon and comic characters. Subsequently, artists began to dress like this for an anime show, and the character was supposed to entertain the public with pantomime: it was forbidden to speak. Funny baggy costumes pleased their parents, and manufacturers began to produce small-sized Onesie as home clothes or pajamas for kids.

However, soon the demand for Onesie also arose in adults: comfortable voluminous clothes were perfect for wearing at home during the cold season. Now Onesie of various designs can be purchased both in regular and online stores, choosing almost any character or animal. Winnie the Pooh, Unicorn, Pikachu and Panda costumes are considered the most popular. Onesie is sewn from fleece or velsoft, the suit is fastened with buttons and without fail has a voluminous hood. By the way, this is a great idea for a gift to loved ones.

Onesie is not just universal clothing, but a suit of fun and joy. If you are anime lover or just a person who loves warmth and comfort, then the Onesie pajamas are just for you. Wearing Onesie, you become a soft toy, which reveals the name of this Japanese dress, consisting of two words to wear and soft toy. This pajamas suit enhances your mood and fills you with tenderness and goodness. In it, you can not only sleep and sit at home, but also go to carnivals or work for example, if you are an animator.

Anime Onesie

Many anime lover dreams to buy Onesie Pikachu or pajamas with other heroes of Japanese cartoons. For the first time, Americans learned about Onesie in the form of a Pikachu, many YouTube users made small videos in the form of a yellow Kawai Pokémon. Even then, people were looking for places where you can buy onesies. Now Onesie is sold in a large assortment at anime fairs, in specialized stores and on the Internet.

Onesie animals

The entire Internet was filled with cute rabbits, kittens, pandas and, of course, raccoons. People who are indifferent to the anime, who are not part of the anime lovers’ subculture, acquire Onesie in the form of kittens and pandas, other little animals.

Buy Onesie Pajamas in the online store

Onesie pajamas Panda looks very cute. In cool weather, it can be worn as home clothes. You can always take the help of the internet to buy the unicorn onesies.

Onesie for children

Cute pajamas in the form of various little animals are great for kids. They are not only cute and soft, but also very warm and comfortable. A child dressed in Onesie can safely walk on the street, and parents cannot worry about his health.


Slippers in the form of paws with claws are attached to some onesies. If they are not in the set, then it can be purchased separately from the suit of any color.


Trending Couple Bracelets That Shook The Market

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Clink, clink, my bracelet always clinks a bit when we work on the computer or make-up in the morning, for example. And every little Klimper pendant is a very special memory for me. In the USA the popular bracelets with many small charms are called Charm Bracelets. Especially in the 60s, the Gold Silver Plated Couple Bracelet were popular. No matter where you went on holiday, there was a little reminder from everywhere in the form of a charm pendant.

Their comeback experienced the charm bracelets a few years ago. Companies like Pandora, Thomas Sabo or Esprit made the charm bracelet again the favorite piece of jewelry. And now you can buy many charms for every occasion.

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And to love his charm band, there are many reasons

  1. Every pendant has a memory: Whether it’s a little charm for the baby’s birth or a nice visit to a new city, there is the right charm bracelet for every moment. And every charm reminds us of a beautiful moment.
  2. Charms are the perfect gift: If we do not know what we want, a pendant for the bracelet is the gift that makes us happy. It’s totally easy to get. We have to send our husbands to the store, and he comes back with a new charm bracelet.
  3. My charm bracelet never goes out of fashion: If we fancy summer and bright colors we use the appropriate pendant. In winter, we often like it a bit glittering and with more gold. That too is not a problem for my bracelet.
  4. Charms are perfect as a gift: we not only like to get charms but also give them away as a gift. Some small symbol always connects us with the person we are giving, and with a small pendant, we can express that perfectly.

What else is there to say silver jewelry is simply stylish and much more subtle than the many golden jewelry creations that you can find online? Also, a silver bracelet has this reflecting beauty and delights both in quality and design. The latter is very diverse due to the large selection of top brands. Inspiration learns each brand different, in the silver bracelets. The great nuance of a luxury brand becomes immediately visible. But also the classics around S. Oliver shine in real 925 sterling silver. In addition to gold, silver is one of the most popular precious metals and is suitable as sterling silver with a 92.5 percent purity ideal for jewelry making and thus the creation of charming ladies and men’s bracelets made of silver. Pure silver is not processed in silver bracelets, because the eliminated 7.5 percent copper content results in a significantly reduced degree of hardness.

Great selection of beautiful silver bracelets on online shopping

Jewelry fans will not be disappointed in the online shop, because for every preference there is the matching silver bracelet and that also from their favorite brand. If you love pearls, a  silver bracelet can be your dream jewel, with many white zirconium crystals are bracelets made of 925 sterling silver of the traditional brand decorated. A gold-silver connection can be found on wonderful Esprit Collection silver bracelets. The combination of 925 sterling silver and the trendy shade of rose gold blends in splendidly and make her wrist shine. When choosing their silver bracelet, it is important that the style and colors of their jewelry match their clothing. If you are not sure about a style question, feel free to contact the consulting team. Whether by email, chat or phone, you are guaranteed to find the right jewelry and can order it online today.

Silver bracelets have a timelessly elegant effect and are absolute combination talents. They make a casual outfit, a classic business dress, but also a festive look a good figure. In our assortment, you will also find sterling silver bracelets, which are provided with high-quality gilding or rose gold plating and bracelets with cubic zirconium, pearls or other jewelry and gemstones. Thus, a silver bracelet is always a good choice. Discover the wide selection of silver bracelets in the online shop.

Silver Bracelets: Fashionable jewelry for him and her

In the field of jewelry, bracelets can undoubtedly be counted among the most popular accessories ever. Whether a bracelet for the lady or accessory for the Lord. The great jewelry not only flatters the wrist but also underline the personal style and can enhance any outfit so simple perfectly. Elegant and high-quality bracelets in silver which are held at the jeweler end in large numbers for you. Starting with royal bracelets and armored bracelets and cord bracelets to children’s bracelets and name bracelets. For every need and every occasion you will find in the context of our wide range of matching silver bracelet guaranteed. Immerse yourself in the world of jewelry and choose your individually fitting piece of jewelry. No matter which silver bracelet you choose. The highest quality is guaranteed at all times and not only with the material silver see for yourself from a selection.

Silver Bracelet: Timeless Elegance

With a silver bracelet, you are always trendy because silver convinces with a timeless elegance that never goes out of fashion. Convince yourself of the wide range of selected pieces of jewelry and find bracelets in silver that leave nothing to be desired. Trust in an online shop and immerse yourself in the world of dazzling jewelry. No matter whether you are looking for a bracelet for a very special occasion or everyday life with a silver bracelet you will always make the right choice, for example with one of our stone-studded models. All collections in different bracelet lengths and widths are available, so you are guaranteed to find a perfect matching piece of jewelry. Stamped and 100 percent nickel-free, each 925 silver bracelet embodies the highest level of quality and good compatibility.

Silver Bracelets in a large selection

You have selected the individually matching accessory from a large number of bracelets in silver and would like to give it an individual touch? Or do you want the bracelet to give away as silver on occasions such as Christmas or birthday? Then take advantage of our engraving service and assign the silver bracelet with a personal dedication, which makes the piece of jewelry to a unique and forever a very special keepsake. As your competent and reliable online jeweler, we promise you fast processing of your order. If your order reaches us before 2 pm, we will ship your new wish bracelet on the same day. Let the great variety of high-quality jewelry inspires you and find at the jeweler exclusive and high-quality accessories that leave nothing to be desired.


Best Friend Bracelets

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Sometimes, you need to show your appreciation for people you love. Whether it’s a partner in crime, or a shoulder to cry on, you should do something sweet for them from time to time. And you can start with these bracelets – a small token of appreciation that goes a long way.

If you didn’t notice, these bracelets are quickly becoming a global trend. Millennials, teens, kids – everyone loves it. These symbolic bracelets are perfect appreciation gifts for friends because you just can’t go wrong with them. So, we made a quick guide to help you to choose matching best friend bracelets.

Why would you buy a best friend bracelet?

*Customization options

The fact that you can mix and match and alter most models is simply perfect. That means that the bracelets you take will be unique. A combination of charms, designs, and quotes that only you and your friend share will mean more than any other piece of jewelry.

*Style options

Unlike most other accessories, these come in all imaginable shapes, sizes, and styles. That means that you can certainly find a model that will fit your and your friend’s taste and personality.

*Great party favors

Since these are usually very affordable, they can be the perfect choice for party favors. They can be favors for wedding events or birthdays. Just choose a model that fits the purpose, and you’re good to go.

*Marking a special day

When something extraordinary happens in your friendship, you need to mark it somehow. These bracelets are great birthday, graduation, and anniversary gifts. Express the love you feel for your friend and your gratitude for having them in your life with these simple, yet lovely bracelets.



Fantastic and inexpensive, these bracelets offer many options. You can choose the color your friend likes as well as the material. However, if you don’t know how to make one of these yourself, you can order it, or look up a YouTube tutorial and learn how to do it.


These bracelets are made of thin strands woven into patterns, words, or designs that say something about your friendship. If your friend loves colorful accessories, this will be the perfect gift for them.

*London links

These bracelets are made of sterling silver chain links that are interwoven with thread. However, unlike most other models, these are more mature, and are meant (mainly) for adults.


Timeless and classic, with one of these you can’t go wrong. After all, engraving just the quote that means the most to your friend on their present makes it really special.


Charm bracelets are among the most popular for a good reason. The fact that you can find a charm that will signify any pattern, object or message you want to give to your friend, makes them truly unique gifts. Finally, that’s just the kind of gift you should give to a dear friend.


A simple combination of beads you like and an elastic band, that’s why these models are simply irresistible for anyone. After all, there are beads with letters, bracelets made of seashells, those made of durable stones, those shaped like animals, hearts, and more.


These are made of clay beads and embellished with shiny and sparkly details like stones or gems. Inexpensive, fun, and interesting, Shamballa bracelets are fit for both children and adults.


Ten Amazing Facts About Beer

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When it comes to trivia nights, or a friendly game of Trivial Pursuit, our very own mixologist and sommelier Kim Spence knows something about everything. Game night starts with a fight over who gets Kim on their team because he never lets us down with the fascinating facts he knows about all kinds of stuff. So, for St. Patrick’s Day we asked him to put away the manuals, to not geek out on the science of beer, and to share some of the most eyebrow raising facts he knows about this famous beverage. Presenting (in no particular order)…

Ten Amazing Facts About Beer

Beer is the oldest known written recipe.

A poem called “Hymn to Ninkasi” from around 1800 BC contains the instructions for brewing beer.

Beer is the 3rd most consumed beverage.

Beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage, and third overall after water and then tea.

Lager is the dominant style of beer in the world.

Lagers keep better, and are produced in huge quantities by the major US breweries and enjoyed all over the world.

Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty glass.

We promise we’re not making this up.

The world’s strongest beer is “Brewmeister’s Snake Venom.”

Most beer is about 5% ABV, this Scottish brew has 67.5% ABV. It’s made with smoked peat malt, and two types of yeast.

Beer prevents kidney stones.

A study found in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology that beer reduced the risk of kidney stones by 41 percent!

World’s most expensive beer is Belgia Vielle Bon Secours.

Available at Bierdrome in London, a bottle costs $1,000 USD. It’s described as “a complex taste with citric, caramel and toffee flavours with an undertone of liquorice and aniseed.”

Japanese Sake is a type of beer, not wine.

The fermentation process uses grains, not fruit, just like beer.

The oldest still-running brewery in the world is in Germany.

Still in operation today, the Weihenstephan brewery has been making beer since 1040!

Pilgrims on the Mayflower stopped at Plymouth Rock because they ran out of beer.

Believe it or not, this one has some truth behind it.…


Craft beer: a guide for beginners

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Once there was real ale. It was safe, steady and you knew where you were with it. But now ale has a hip young cousin: craft beer. It even has its own festivals, such as this weekend’s Liverpool Craft Beer Expo. So what’s craft beer all about, beyond fashionable beards and American beers? For novice drinkers, we offer this guide. The next round is on you. Cheers!

Craft beer

Real ale solely relates to live, cask-conditioned British beer or its bottled equivalent. The craft crew, however, don’t care where beer is from, how it’s made or served, so long as – bit vague, this – it’s been made with love and it tastes great. Rules are very much there to be broken.


Unwieldy slang for those big, bold, tropically fruity and aggressively bitter beers, where the hops are less flavouring than high explosives. Also known as “hop bombs”.

West coast of …

America, that is, not Ireland. UK craft brewers are in awe of the US micros and their punchy, Californian double IPAs. A very healthy internationalism is central to craft beer, with Scandinavia and even Italy embraced as fellow craft hotbeds. This does lead, however, to …

Pricey halves/painfully expensive pints

Costly raw ingredients; smallscale production; export/import duties; the exploitation of gullible hipsters: there are many factors which have come together to make many craft beers bloody expensive. Bring your credit card – £3 halves and £6 pints are now common – or make sure you mix up those hop-forward speciality beers with some cheap, reliable, old-fashioned real ale.

Black IPA

From barrel-ageing, wild yeasts and smoked malts to spirit-laced ‘speers’, via stouts and porters made with oysters and passion fruit, brambles and coffee grounds (possibly all at the same time), experimentation, innovation and constant change are the hallmarks of craft beer. As are stylistic hybrids. If you want to pass as a confident craft drinker, order a black IPA. It’s black beer with a big hop payload and a residual stout character.

Craft keg

The primary bone of contention between the craft rebels and Camra traditionalists. This is good beer, but served colder and fizzier from long-life kegs, just like big brand lagers.

IBU or international bitterness units (yes, it really is a thing!)

Basically, the higher the better. The ultimate craft beer would be almost unbearably bitter, like sucking on a handful of rusty nails and paracetamol that still taste of beer.


The perfect medium or marketing chicanery? Novices probably don’t want to get embroiled in that debate. The key thing to note is that, suddenly, cans are cool and bottles are history. If you want to look the part/easily led, grab a tinnie.


Trendy, confrontationally tart beers inspired by farmhouse/saison Belgian brewing styles and usually made – drop this in for instant credibility – with Brettanomyces (or Brett) yeasts.

Single hopping

Faddish concentration on using a single hop variety in a beer, not a blend, so that you can learn about and appreciate its true character, in that slightly knobby way more commonly associated with wine drinkers. It’s fine if the hop, say citra (praise its lychee, grapefruit and gooseberry notes), can carry the beer, but often it leads to meek, one-dimensional beers.


Forget Guinness. Serious craft drinker have to be across stout’s many milk, imperial, baltic, export and chocolate stylistic variations. Or at least pretend to be. Drinking good stout is a rite of passage, a sign that the craft drinker has graduated from the nursery slopes of sunny pale ales and frivolous IPAs. Drinking is good, just know your limits so won’t end up spilling in your comfy mattress.

Experimental & collaborative beers

Breweries creating limited-edition beers, often in collaboration with other breweries, is one of the craft scene’s defining characteristics. It’s a boon for the blagger, as there are far too many to keep up with. “Have you tried that Kernel/Marble oak-smoked barley wine? Or the Thornbridge/Magic Rock mint chocolate stout?” you can ask, confident that, if that beer doesn’t exist now, it soon will do.

Boring brown bitter

The ‘classic’, nondescript English bitter that your dad drinks. Brewed by a big regional brewery. It’s everything that craft beer drinkers hate, basically. Although, complicating matters, several micros, such as Marble, Grain and Liverpool Organic, now brew their own excellent best bitters.

Tasting sticks

No, not a stick you lick, but three third-pints on a handy carrying device, so you can taste several beers in small quantities and pretend you’re a connoisseur, not a beer monster.


If you want to impress craft nerds, you need to name-drop creatively. You can’t just big up Brewdog because you’ve seen its beers in Tesco. Mikkeller, a roving Danish brewery possibly imagined into life by Franz Ferdinand and David Shrigley, is the last word in indie cool, but for that very reason you’re probably best avoiding it. It’s a bit obvious. Instead, drop in a few lesser-known foreign brewers (fellow Danes Evil Twin, America’s Left Hand, Italians del Borgo) or a niche British barnstormer (Red Willow, Summer Wine). You like Brooklyn lager? Fine, but best keep it to yourself. It’s 2013, not 2009.

After drinking we always end up in our beds. Knowing our limits is a must cause it will be a waste if you end up throwing up in one of your favorite mattress.

Drinking beer can cause weight gain of any type — including belly fat. Keep in mind that the more you drink, the higher your risk of weight gain is. So if you’re a drinker then don’t forget to exercise, if you’re not into it try do  waist training using corsets. It will not be as tedious as doing sessions of exercises.…


Beer Types and Styles

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So, you want to know more about beer… Well, pour yourself a cold one and get comfortable because there’s a whole lot of great stuff to learn about your favourite beverage.

Beer Types


Brewed with top fermenting yeast at cellar temperature, ales are fuller-bodied, with nuances of fruit or spice and a pleasantly hoppy finish. Generally robust and complex with a variety of fruit and malt aromas, ales come in many varieties. They could include Bitters, Milds, Abbey Ales, Pale Ales, Nut Browns, etc.

Ales are often darker than lagers, ranging from rich gold to reddish amber. Top fermenting, and more hops in the wort gives these beers a distinctive fruitfulness, acidity and pleasantly bitter seasoning. Ales have a more assertive, individual personality than lager, though their alcoholic strength is the same.

Ales are 30% of all beer sold in Canada.


Lager originates from the German word lagern which means ‘to store’ – it refers to the method of storing it for several months in near-freezing temperatures. Crisp and refreshing with a smooth finish from longer aging, lagers are the world’s most popular beer (this includes pilseners).

A lager, which can range from sweet to bitter and pale to black, is usually used to describe bottom-fermented brews of Dutch, German, and Czech styles. Most, however, are a pale to medium colour, have high carbonation, and a medium to high hop flavour.

Lagers are 56% of all beer sold in Canada.

Stouts & Porters

There’s very little distinction between a Porter and a Stout, but they do have their differences.

Porter is a dark, almost black, fruity-dry, top fermenting style. An ale, porter is brewed with a combination of roasted malt to impart flavour, colour and aroma. Stout is also a black, roast brew made by top fermentation.

Stout, not as sweet to the taste, features a rich, creamy head and is flavoured and coloured by barley. Stouts often use a portion of unmalted roasted barley to develop a dark, slightly astringent, coffee-like character.


Generally dark and sweeter in flavour, malts contain hints of caramel, toffee, and nuts. They can be light to full bodied.

Beer Styles

In addition to type, a beer’s character can be described by its style. Listed below are some of the many different styles of beer carried at the Beer Store.


A very versatile beer, Amber beers are full bodied malt aromas with hints of caramel, these beers could be either lager or ale.


Blonde ales are very pale in colour and tend to be clear, crisp, and dry, with low-to-medium bitterness and aroma from hops and some sweetness from malt.


Dark amber or brown in colour, brown ale have evidence of caramel and chocolate flavours and may have a slight citrus accent or be strong, malty or nutty, depending on the area of brewing.


A very mild, sweetish, golden style of ale.


Dark ale is a British type beer, combining hops, yeast and a blend of malts. It’s a medium chestnut brown colour, with a delicate fruity smell and robust, malty character.


Most fruit beers are ales however, they typically do not carry an ale character. In order to allow for the fruit flavor to come through nicely, the malt’s flavor is not dominant and there is a low bitterness level to the beer.


First developed in the UK, Golden ales are straw coloured with a slight hint of citrus and vanilla. The beer can sometimes contain spicier flavours.


A full-bodied beer with a creamy texture and copper colour. Honey beers are slightly sweet with hints of caramel.

India Pale Ale

A hoppier version of pale ale. Originally brewed in England with extra hops to survive the journey to British troops stationed in India.


Extremely light in colour and mild in flavour. Light beer has fewer calories and/or lower alcohol content.


Typically light in flavour with a refreshing lime taste. The intensity of the lime can differ from very subtle to strong.


Pale ale has a fruity, copper-coloured styler. It originiated from England. Pale ales are robust beers that can be enjoyed with strongly spiced foods.


Made with neutral and hard water. Tend to be golden in colour with a dry, crisp, and somewhat bitter flavour. Pilsner stands out from other lagers due to its more distinctive hop taste.


Red ales can either be red or light brown in colour. They are moderate to heavy in flavour and contain hints of caramel that is offset by the predominant hop characteristic of the beer.


This is a broad grouping that can describe any beer over 7% ABV. Strong beers are typically dark in colour, some are almost black. Different styles can include old ales, double IPAs, and barleywines.


Light and easy to drink with very little aftertaste. Wheat provides a soft character to beer and is sometimes hazy or cloudy with a touch of spice notes.

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Everything about Icelandic Beer

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Many visitors to Iceland are surprised to discover a plethora of Icelandic breweries and artisan micro-breweries, seemingly, an impossible number for such a small population. There is even an Annual Icelandic Beer Festival.

My personal favorite? Einstök Hvítt, an award-winning craft white ale, brewed in Akureyri by Ölgerðin Egils Skallagrímsson. I no longer have to miss out when I travel overseas, some discerning bars in the UK and other countries are selling this refreshing beer with a subtle orange tang. I even found it in Sennan, one of the remotest villages in South West England!

Icelandic beers have won some impressive prizes at the prestigious World Beer Awards:

  • Boli by Ölgerðin Egill Skallagrímsson won 1st prize in the lager category (2017)
  • Bríó by Borg Brugghús won 1st prize in the German-Style Pilsner category (2012)
  • Sólveig by Borg Brugghús won a prize in the wheat beer category (2013)
  • Gull by Ölgerðin won 1st prize in the standard lager category (2011 and 2015)


10 Popular Icelandic beers

1. Kaldi 5% alc./vol. Pilsner

The first blonde beer Kaldi brewery made. Sold mainly in bottles or on tab (very hard to find), the original Kaldi is a blonde lager beer but brewed in the famous Pilsner tradition, so it is classified as such. The beer is a blonde copper golden color with a soft filling of roasted malt, slightly bitter but very gentle.

2. Úlfrún 4.5% alc./vol. SESSION IPA

This beer has a very distinct fruitiness to it, infused with Sorachi Ace, Centennial and Simcoe hops, the result is a tropical delight of mango with a hint of pineapple.

3. Einstök White Ale 5.2% alc./vol. White Ale

Wheat malt, pilsner malt, oats and Bavarian noble hops spiced with coriander and orange peel. Best served with a slice of orange, it really brings out the orange flavor of the drink. The perfect summer drink!

4. Einstök Pale Ale 5.6% Pale Ale

Brewed with a combination of Cascade, perhaps the most quintessentially American hop, and Northern Brewer and Hallertau, which add a more English and Central European vibe. Kind of a mix of an American-style pale ale, English-style pale ale and a European-style pale ale or lager. In the flavor department, pale and light caramel malts form the essence, while hops contribute to a profile which is well-balanced among those floral & citrus Cascade notes and earthy, woody, and herbal tones.

5. Bríó 4.7% alc./vol. Pilsner

Has a light malty flavor but the main feature of this beer is a crisp, bitter hop flavor with a little citrus fruit, like an orange peel. It has won numerous awards and it was the very first beer Borg Brewery made!

6. Garún 11.5% alc./vol. Icelandic Stout

Chocolate, licorice and coffee taste, a rich dark beer with an aroma to match. The fresh Icelandic water plays an important role in giving this damsel its smoothness, and the double fermentation infuses it with a taste that is at once pungent and mild. An unusually light dark beer!

7. Víking Gylltur 5,6% alc./vol. Classic Premium Lager

A classic lager beer, brewed in the Old-school tradition of craftsmanship. Proven brewing methods make it a refreshing premium beer with a refined finish

8. Pils Organic 5,0% alc./vol.

A super-light delicious beer recommended in the summer. Made from 2-row organic spring barley. The Pilsners flavor is usually described as slightly nutty and biscuity.

9. Úlfur 5.9% alc./vol. India Pale Ale

Úlfur meaning Wolf, is dry hopped with American hops that give a bitter yet fruity aroma. The beer has a citrus fruit (particularly grapefruit) kind of taste and a delightful crispness. This is the winner for many Icelanders!

10. Ástríkur

Every year Borg Brewery makes a new queer beer for the Reykjavík Pride Festival so we can’t put out any alcohol level or even define it by type! Every year it’s new and every year we try to love! We recommend you do the same!…