Cerevisaphile: Here Are Some Reasons Why We Love Beer So Much

There are so many reasons to love beer. You can find different flavors, aromas, and so many people will share your opinion. Here, we are going to take a closer look at why this beverage is so popular. 

Beers Are Great Hydrating Substance

One of the things you probably know is that alcoholic beverages will dehydrate you. Alcohol will act as a diuretic, and it will cause you to pass more urine. But this isn’t something that applies to all drinks that have alcohol. In fact, the situation with beer is completely opposite. 


Since you are taking more fluid with your beer, you will lose a lot less water in the process compared to hard liquors. Of course, this is something you could have figured out on your own. After all, beer has less alcohol than, say, whiskey, so it won’t be as dehydrating. But did you know that drinking beer will hydrate you more than water? Yes, you read that right. 


A recent study showed that beer is more effective than water if you are looking to hydrate. So, next time someone starts bothering you about your drinking habits, just tell them you are following what scientists said. 

Beers Are Great Companions

The first thing we need to explain here is the term companion. No, we don’t expect you to take your favorite can of beer on a hike or to meet your parents (even though some might like the idea). We are talking about how good beer can be with certain types of food. 


Needless to say, your preferred beer will play an important role in the decision. Not all beers are the same, and you need to know which type of beer goes with specific food. For example, brown ale works great with barbecue, IPA is perfect for spicy food, and pale ale should be your choice if you are going for mild food. 


Of course, if you are a cerevisaphile (that is fancy for beer-lover), you can combine anything you like. These are just suggestions, not rules. So, if you love taking a glass of beer with your cake, knock yourself out. We are not your mom (or beer police).    

Beers Have Medical Properties

The next reason why so many people love beer is that it can be healthy. The first thing to mention is that beer has nutritional value. There is a reason why so many people refer to this beverage as liquid bread. If you are looking to lose weight, beer might not be your best friend. But calories are not the only thing you’ll find in a pint. 

Beer also offers vitamin B, protein, niacin, and so on. Even though brewing techniques have changed a lot throughout history, beer has existed for over 13,000 years! Having a beer every once in a while can reduce the risks of heart diseases and diabetes and help your brain work great as you get older. 


These are just some of the benefits beer drinkers might experience. Naturally, by drinking beer, we don’t mean getting wasted every day. It refers to moderate consumption and reasonable amounts. 

Beers Sometimes Solve Sleeping Problems

If you are one of many people that have trouble falling asleep, there might be a simple solution. Having a drink or two will help you fall asleep easier. Once again, getting wasted is not a solution. In fact, it won’t help you have a better sleep. If you drink too much, sleep will be disrupted, and alcoholic drinks are known to reduce rapid eye movement. 


The more you drink, the worse the effect will be. However, if you are healthy, having a few drinks will allow you to sleep like a baby. Of course, if you have severe problems with sleep, beer is not a solution, and you should seek professional help. So, it all comes down to moderation. If you don’t suffer from insomnia or any other type of sleep condition, drinking beer before bed will solve a lot of your problems. 

Beer Urges You to Socialize

Alcohol is known to be a social lubricant, and many people use it to relax a bit when going out. It all comes down to what type of person you are. Some people get aggressive after a couple of drinks, while others are looking to hug every person in their surroundings. 

That doesn’t mean that some people can’t socialize without drinks, only that it makes everything a lot easier. If a person is tipsy, they are less likely to worry about what someone might think and whether they will like them. 


As a result, they will be able to act more naturally, which is something many people enjoy seeing. Beer is not a beverage you drink when you are alone. It is a social drink, and it can make everything a lot more exciting. 

Beers Simply Taste Good

The simplest answer to why so many people love a pint is that it tastes good. Our taste buds start singing with the first sip of this delicious drink, and there are so many incredible options out there. 


Do you like craft beer? Something sweet? A bitter-tasting drink? There is something for everyone, no matter your tastes — indeed, beer wouldn’t be the most popular drink in the world if it weren’t so.