Unique Onesies That Will Make You Standout In Your Next Party

Lately, pajama parties have become very popular. They are held not only at home, but also in the most famous clubs in America. At such parties is required dress code: pajamas, slippers and accessories for sleeping. If on the street you met a company in pajamas, fighting with pillows, without panic. Most likely, somewhere in your area is a noisy pajama party. So, Onesie is just created for such cases. Today, you can flaunt in soft and warm pajamas not only at home, but also people. Particularly relevant are Onesie in the family look style, that is, the same pajamas for a boy and a girl.

Another reason to wear Onesie is Halloween. No need to bother with a suit, invent makeup and hair. You put on a Onesie, put on a hood, and here you are already a finished character. The image of Hello Kitty or Stitch from famous cartoons will not leave you unnoticed. Do not be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

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Pajama Party in Onesie

Even the most avid fashionista sometimes wants to take a break from fashionable things in a relaxed atmosphere with family or close friends for example, to hold a pajama party, but not just a pajama, but a party in Onesie. Onesie is cozy and comfortable. This is more than just Japanese pajamas, stylized as animal costumes. Onesie comes from a combination of two Japanese words: kiru (“carry”) and nuigurumi (“soft toy”). In Japan, Onesie suits are worn as a way to break the conventions of traditional clothing or as comfortable pajamas.

The shape of the Kigirumi resembles a loose-fitting suit that hides all the flaws of the figure, which does not hinder your movements at all, which makes it an excellent choice for a lazy Sunday, away from business suits and office dress codes, which you must comply with during the entire working week. Onesie provides instant comfort and warmth. Looks like a walk in a wrapped blanket.

Most Onesie are made of high quality soft polyester fleece. Fabric keeps warm well, so in such pajamas you will be comfortable even in harsh winter. Along with fleece there are Onesie lighter and thinner, which makes them ideal for warmer weather and dance parties! They are made from a towel-like material that is slightly rougher than fleece material, but still comfortable.

The cuffs on the arms and legs are elastic enough to make you comfortable in them. Most models come with a hood that resembles an animal’s face. Some of the Onesie have pockets. Fasteners along the body are represented by any buttons, any zipper. In my opinion, zipper is more comfortable to wear, it is easier to unbutton or fasten. In spite of their cartoon look, they are intended for Onesie for both children and adults. Quality made Onesie can be easily washed in a washing machine, without fear that they will lose their appearance.

Onesie is fun and exciting. The huge variety and intricate details of the design make it a multifunctional outfit, which serves as street clothes, sleep and even ideal for long-distance flights. There’s no question that these attractive onesies will make  you standout from the crowd.

Don’t you have a Onesie yet? Are you still shy? Then know that most celebrities do not bypass this seemingly childish thing. Bring a piece of joy to our dull everyday life, give pleasure to your family and friends, pamper your child, and buy yourself a Onesie.

Initially, Onesie are costumes for life-size puppets representing popular cartoon and comic characters. Subsequently, artists began to dress like this for an anime show, and the character was supposed to entertain the public with pantomime: it was forbidden to speak. Funny baggy costumes pleased their parents, and manufacturers began to produce small-sized Onesie as home clothes or pajamas for kids.

However, soon the demand for Onesie also arose in adults: comfortable voluminous clothes were perfect for wearing at home during the cold season. Now Onesie of various designs can be purchased both in regular and online stores, choosing almost any character or animal. Winnie the Pooh, Unicorn, Pikachu and Panda costumes are considered the most popular. Onesie is sewn from fleece or velsoft, the suit is fastened with buttons and without fail has a voluminous hood. By the way, this is a great idea for a gift to loved ones.

Onesie is not just universal clothing, but a suit of fun and joy. If you are anime lover or just a person who loves warmth and comfort, then the Onesie pajamas are just for you. Wearing Onesie, you become a soft toy, which reveals the name of this Japanese dress, consisting of two words to wear and soft toy. This pajamas suit enhances your mood and fills you with tenderness and goodness. In it, you can not only sleep and sit at home, but also go to carnivals or work for example, if you are an animator.

Anime Onesie

Many anime lover dreams to buy Onesie Pikachu or pajamas with other heroes of Japanese cartoons. For the first time, Americans learned about Onesie in the form of a Pikachu, many YouTube users made small videos in the form of a yellow Kawai Pokémon. Even then, people were looking for places where you can buy onesies. Now Onesie is sold in a large assortment at anime fairs, in specialized stores and on the Internet.

Onesie animals

The entire Internet was filled with cute rabbits, kittens, pandas and, of course, raccoons. People who are indifferent to the anime, who are not part of the anime lovers’ subculture, acquire Onesie in the form of kittens and pandas, other little animals.

Buy Onesie Pajamas in the online store

Onesie pajamas Panda looks very cute. In cool weather, it can be worn as home clothes. You can always take the help of the internet to buy the unicorn onesies.

Onesie for children

Cute pajamas in the form of various little animals are great for kids. They are not only cute and soft, but also very warm and comfortable. A child dressed in Onesie can safely walk on the street, and parents cannot worry about his health.


Slippers in the form of paws with claws are attached to some onesies. If they are not in the set, then it can be purchased separately from the suit of any color.